Requiem lyrics

Tabernacle of Sorrow


Dark reflections, beseech me
Shattered images of reality
With my blade, I beckon thee
Death shall be your destiny

The tormented pray for my demise
The anguish, the pain, the sadistic cries
I hold the key to eternity
But my soul is charred by blasphemy.

Through corpuscles of hatred,I will breathe
Upon your infinite sins,I will feed.

Tabernacle of sorrow
Where innocence dies,I shall follow
Tabernacle of sorrow
Reborn in the dead man’s shadow

Black icons tarnished with blood
Fragments of sacrificial rites
A vanquished soul begs for an astral life
Forsaken from a mortal death

Divine Repentance,I desire
Or I shall burn in the Eternal Fire

Repeat Chorus


The Cross


You were man but you are God
You were love but you bred hate
Chains on your feet for freedom

You’re alive but you are dead
You wash my feet but I’m your slave
Chains upon my heart for joy

Prodigal messiah, I call your name
Let me share thr burden of your cross

I can’t bear your cross
Benediction or contradiction
I can’t bear your cross
A sceptic’s grief, truth or belief

My faith in you now has dissolved
All that is left is sharp disdain
For the ones who preach your name
There’s no feeling or compassion,
In the eyes of the betrayed,
You’re my Judas, taste my condemnation

My feet are heavy, chained is my heart
Spill the blood of my soul on your cross

And now I’ve fallen
But I don’t care
Yet what I see
Is your cold stare
Leaving my soul lost in flame


Labyrinth of Destiny


You live a life of sin
You live a life of anguish
Ritual idols ignite as you slowly die
These infinite walls
Dark, destitute ways
The cradle of life condemns you to wounded seclusion till eternity

It’s useless for you to plead
On your kness for prayer
Cause your prayers won’t be answered by your God
Ther’s no confessor, no self-legacy
Then you desecrate the name of the faith that you hold

Nowhere to go now
In vain you scream and shout
Seems you’ll never be heard
In the labyrinth of destiny

Feel the reaper
Ripping your soul with his raven eyes
Symphonies of madness storm your dying mind
Darkness everywhere, tormented agony
The hands of death rejoice at your futility.

Longing for the dawn, your redeeming hour
Afraid of the blinding light
You succumb to the third power
But you are free to leam
Free to take your own road
But in a word of fools
The blind still lead the blind to hell

Who will save you now?
The penance for your greed
You stand, a shroud in frear
In the labyrinth of destiny


Where Angels Have Fallen



Crimson tears summon me to the eclipse of my death
For the reckoning of my sins I shall pledge
A black veil of emotionless silence begs to clothe me
Through the halls of spiritual existence I crawl on this journey
On wings of fire the call of judgement rides
In the chalice of eternal void I seek to hide
Into the infinite abyss of darkness I am to sleep
In mourning for the last straws of life I weep
Desolate, I pray for the dawning sun
The throne of light remains concealed
Alone, tied in these chains of solitude I cannot feel

Where angels have fallen
My wailing soul is laid to rest
The tombstone is chosen
A couldron for my new quest
What is this empty shell
Whithered by the winter rains
Not one drop of drying blood
Nor the pleasure of pain
Beyond my grave I hear the dying fall
To their lifeless souls I call
I wait for agonized centuries to no avail
An infernal sleep that revives my claim
In death I died where no white saviour came
Betrayed by the thousand year faith
Embalmed in this forbidden dream
Solitary I shudder in the chill of stillness
My body still yearns for its bloodstream
…And yet I call his name this last time.
Repeat Chorus.


All Is Accomplished


A blackened darkness falls
Into the bliss of our heart
The bells of death shall toll
A caress of dolefulness stills our mind.

Endlessly we shed our tears
Usurping a prophetic fate
With frailty we abscond our fears
A never healing wound that plagues

Human existance shall vanish
Corpses are the vision to see
The virtues of sancity will perish
Time for judgement day shall be

One fatal sign as the scriptures say
That in every unblemished land
Graveyards shall breed by misfortune
And the dead shall follow their claim.

When all is accomplished
Everything is gone
All is accomplished
The seeds of happiness are lost
Redeemed into madness
Must innocence be guilty too?
A shroud stained with evil
Woven by the hand of doom.

Their souls plead of sanctuary
Closed for years in this mortuary
Their cry turns to damnation
Relentless is their frustration
Exiled from the final seal
In glory where the saved shall heal
In pandemonium the evil shall grieve
The torture will never cease

Repeat verse 1

Repeat Chorus:

Think of the ones who have lost their souls; No testimony
Have no pity for my sinful woe; For I’m the one to be
Exempted from eternal life; Forged in heresy
The depths of distress
Shackled by the throes of misery
This is the end……