Simeon Gatt


After spending his teenage years listening to all sorts of thrash, doom, and heavy metal music, he started taking lessons to learn playing drums.  In those early days he meet Albert Bell a.k.a Dr Doom with whom they formed a short lived speed/thrash metal band back in 1988 named Mortuary.  Nothing really happened, no demos, no gigs but eventually he met Albert again in 1991 to be part of Forsaken together with Leo Stivala on vocals, Kevin Azzopardi on guitars, and Cay Schembri on keyboards, till this very day.  After some line-up changes, Forsaken are still working to deliver some solid epic doom metal to the doom metal fans around the world.  In 2008, Efrem Arpa on guitars, approched him to form the traditional doom metal band ‘Dawn of Anguish’, together with Andrew Attard on guitars, Gregory Calleja on bass and Alex Carachi on vocals where a ‘Prologue in Black’ demo was released during the MDM V edition.  However, Dawn on Anguish entered the studios in the beginning of 2014 to record, which is still in its mixing phase and will be their first full length release.

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