Leo Stivala


Leo Stivala an ardent head banger, possessed by the influence of true old school traditional heavy metal and pure traditional epic heavy doom, got into heavy metal in his early teens (early-mid-eighties) and began to attend to local gigs in a frequent manner. Later on in the mid-late eighties he decided to start learning guitar and formed a band called North Winds which lasted only for a year. A few months later Leo attempted bass guitar duties in another band, very Mercyful Fate/King Diamond influenced, tentatively called Nightfall but ended too soon. In 1989 he was approached by Kevin Azzopardi to try to sing in his new band called Blind Alley. Leo took a try and things seemed to work out. History goes that Blind Alley went through some member changes in the early days and after the inclusion of Albert Bell on bass guitar the band’s moniker changed to Forsaken. Leo kept the vocal duties in Forsaken but also contributed musically and lyrically every now and then. As years passed Forsaken grew stronger as an outfit and so did Leo vocally and as a front man, gaining experience in studio and in gigs locally and abroad with Forsaken. In 2006 Leo was approached by the Greek Epic Metal band Reflection to be the vocalist for the band. Leo’s first gig with Reflection was as support to the mighty Solitude Aeturnus which was an instant success. Leo’s adventures in Greece continued with other gigs and also recording vocals for Reflection’s third full length album called When Shadows Fall released in 2008. Unfortunately in 2012 Leo had to amicably leave from Reflection but still continued with his vocals responsibilities in Forsaken. Leo has also contributed vocals in other projects and guested in  releases like  Lucid Dreaming Part1 (Germany), Martyrium – Destiny wore a Bondage Mask (Malta), Arkham Witch – Legions of the Deep (UK) and   Vestal Claret – Bloodbath (USA).  In 2016 Leo formed a new local traditional heavy metal band called Wolven Hour. The band in still in the song composition stage and is planning to hit the stage very soon.

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