Albert Bell


Albert Bell (a.k.a DrDoom) is a veteran of the heavy and doom metal scene and an ardent enthusiast of the music. Following the formation of speed metal forerunners Exorcist (reborn some years later as Kremation) in 1984, Albert had a stint with thrashers Vandals (1989-91) and crossed paths with Simeon Gatt in Mortuary (speed/thrash metal) in 1988. Simeon and Albert were both later to reunite under the hallowed Forsaken banner in 1991 together with original guitarist Kevin Azzopardi, Keyboardist Cay Schembri and Leo Stivala on vocals with the intention of bringing doom metal to the masses after becoming enthralled by the likes of Witchfinder General, Count Raven, Trouble, Pentagram, Revelation and so on. Forsaken remain strong to this day. In 2006, in an attempt to quench his thirst for more doom, Albert founded Nomad Son together with Jordan, Chris, Julian and Edward from Frenzy Mono. Since then, like Forsaken, the band has played several gigs in Malta and abroad and released its third album “The Darkening” to widespread critical acclaim in July 2013. It was around the time of Nomad Son’s formation that Albert started to sharpen his vision of a doom metal festival in Malta that could gradually grow in international stature and act as a hub for the music in Southern Europe. His first forays in this regard included the organisation of various doom metal gigs with bands from abroad until his vision for MDM was first realised in 2009 with the first edition of the Malta Doom Metal festival. Together with the help of his comrades in arms in the festival’s organising team, the festival grew from strength to strength each year. Albert remains very active in both his bands and is shortly to release a solo album which underlines and celebrates his myriad influences, from Sabbath to Celtic and Venom to Candlemass!

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