Evermore Lyrics

The Healer


The winter’s rage howls vanity’s dirge
Gravestone laurels whisper words of our nature’s purge
Idle hopes of immortality
Broken by frigid arteries of senility

Now listen

A merciless greed vows to reach further
Psychotic hymns murmur secrets of inanimate rapture
In this existence you mourn life’s tragedy
A monolith of grief, victim of deceit.
I am the healer of this universal lie,
The cosmic architect ovary of the skies,
I am the healer I shall rid you of your pain,
Chaotic inertia a hypodermic for the insane.
Earth, wind and fire, harvests of my desire
Lift your eyes beyond these pale shallow skies
Rise from the emptiness of the hollow seas
Do not fear the unicorn’s path, share the creator’s dream.

I am the one.[x3]
Repeat chorus.




I have ravaged millenniums of cosmic consciousness
Hyper-realities of a spectral gravitational mass
Canticles of wisdom, an arcane lore of light
Raise your sword to the pentacle of power

Accede to the seduction of this pristine talisman
Sanctify your sins in the shrine of the gravels of the timeless sands
Oracles of equanimity, the gift of alchemy
I am the wizard’s exile, a pariah in eternity.

The spirit of man writhes in veneration,
Amulets contrived with blood order sacrifice and adulation,
What is your god?
The sage of coercion?
The sedition of belief,
Compromised by treason.
By treason…….

In yer face motherfucker!
Drown your fears, pledge your soul, cross the rubicon.
Where shall your condemned spirit hide? do you think it dies?
Or are these absurd lies? Obey ancient solomon’s writ

See the light, of this esoteric dawn
Have you the will to be free? Can’t you see? Is it you or me?
Sunrise of my universal sight

Have you seen the earth’s revelation?
The eyes of tomorrow wonder in exhilaration
Are you the one to withstand corporeal essence?
Believer – deceiver summon the consummate passion


Repeat chorus



Moon Dancer


I walked across the timelss seas
I lie beside my lover’s knees
Yet a hundred thousand words remain unspoken

You weave the secrets of the spider’s web
I stare at the petals of the tears you shed
Must we share this hollowness, that remains unbroken?

I have felt the pains of this karmic wheel
In your desires,my hopes, you steal
In distant twilights, your touch, still I feel

Eternally I await your embrace
Hope is the sinner’s fate
Everlasting, empty, alone

Moon Dancer take my hand
Let’s count the grains of a thousand sands
Moon Dancer let’s ride over the river bend
Moon Dancer glow in your beauty
Mourn the days of this dying soliloquy
Moon Dancer let’s sing
The rites of the aquarian spring

Dance for me

Shall I ever lustre spectres of this radiant beauty?
To sleep in shadows that caress a solstice of passion
This is the paradise of the morning’s enchantment
Where the tears in your eyes melt and the dawn asks for my hand

Taste the sweetness of my palm
It speaks the stories of a stolen charm
Beleive what is forgiven
Eat the fruit which is forbidden

Wear this mantel of satin gold
Dream those dreams that you can forever hold
Yet a hundred thousand words remain unspoken forever.


Season’s End


I lie alone, the lull of exhumed memories awake me
Grief’s aurora carillons the funeral of my laughter
The ascent of agony, a risen luminary of entranced reality
Rapture, I mourn, dreams of yesterdays adorn me

Scarred by the thornes of tribulation, I cry
To god, the architect of erudition, I pray

Is death the infinite acumen of creation?
Can I attune to these rhapsodies of affliction?

Twisted hands sow the gardens of charred reason
Seams of blood weep morsels of futility

I am dead to savour the odour of lost seasons
Laid to rest I whisper lullabies of naivete

Beyond mourning, still meadows of intranscience shall greet me
We dance together, through fountains of an immortal spring
In the ashes of the diamond realm, forever he awaits me
For eternity… I can hear my father sing





I have lived the illusion of wisdom and tasted the joys of love
I have sailed seas of hedonism and travelled the path of mystic rites
Ride with me and learn the songs of the nameless Shaman
An Aenead through the dawn of the golden sun
A celebration of existence,
The guiding light,
Vertigoes of tomorrow,
Embrace the molten night.
Drink the sweet splendour
The wine of youth
Vertigoes of yesterday
Lie to the truth
Saddened by tides of the sanctified pain
I lick the wounds of my crucified past
Shed the skin of your forgotten self
Join me, worship, the verbose deity

Repeat chorus.

Rubicons of rage holler inside me
Shades of grey laughter kiss the tears of my eyes
Stone faces in unseen places, whisper desert chants
On the serpent’s wing I write songs of desire

Brazen fires quiescent in silence [x2]

The wombs of remembrance wither in flames
Moons of sorrow eclipsed by moments of mirth
Swallowed in darkness, clouded by the cleansing opiate
I feel the wonder, the maze of happiness

Brazen fires quiescent in silence [x2]

As I fly through the cavalcades of null emotion
Beneath this dream lies the emptiness of reality

As I fly through the cavalcades of null emotion
Beneath this dream lies the emptiness of reality


Winter Tears


Dews of serenity, sleep through plains of tranquility
Umbras engraved, in an embryonic stare
Rhymes of innocent melody wail in a silent harmony
Immersed all alone in the despondent air

A velvet lush stains this prosaic imagery
Candles of passion that kindle with delight
Erotic reminiscents sweat with fragrant obscurity
The scent of lust procreates a mystic rite

All love is lost, a forlorn ending
Predicaments betray the prophetic seers
Condescation of fate, a mirror of disparity
Valleys of sadness flood in Winter Tears

Legacies foretold to persist beyond mortality
Predicaments betray the prophetic seers
Portals of disgrace enshrined with ambiguity
Valleys of sadness flood in Winter Tears

Gazing through the shadows of this past life
Resting our shoulders on pillars of a fraternal hive
For this everlasting bond we shall cherish
In the wonders of winter’s beauty we will perish.

Valleys of sadness flood in Winter Tears




I am a man, who knows affliction
From the rod of his anger
The one whom He has led and forced to walk
In darkness, not in the light

The thought of my homeless poverty
Is wormwood and gall
Remembering it over and over
Leaves my soul downcast within me

But the lord’s rejection, does not last forever
Although He punishes, He forgives
In abundance of His mercies

You wrapped yourself in wrath and pursued us
You slew us and took no pity
You hid yourself into a cloud which prayers could not pierce

Till the lord from heaven
Looks down and sees
My eyes torment my soul
At the sight of all the daughters of my city

Suffer… in ecstasy.
Madrigal 07:44 Hide lyrics
Farewell to the Chimera of my fantasy
I have sealed the chapter of this servile apostasy
Blood of resurrection please shine upon me
Let me love again, let the ashes of cruel memories die and rest
Die and rest, please let me love again

Sweet, soft aphrodisiac smother this neophyte’s sins
Tame, hallowed angel, reach out for the argonaut’s wings
You speak pendragon’s splendour, a willow flower in a crimson tide
Ablaze with majesty, you sparkle in with winterwild, the winterwild, so wild

Supersonic love groove

Come, come my friend there’s no need to pretend
Today’s beginning sees our sadness end
A Madrigal’s ode, that yearns to adore
A Valerian vigil for the eve of ever more

My electric child, spectral woman

Welcome my friend listen to the breeze whisper
Orifice of the equinox of my ambrosia
A Madrigal’s ode, that yearns to adore
A Valerian vigil for the eve of Evermore



Slip Stream


A captive in the ravines of the streams of unconsciousness
The maze of illusion where dreams of light and darkness lie abreast
Imprinted in eternity echoing hopes of timelss years
I live tales of first love imprisoned in a circle of fears

Oh River God can you rid me from this dragon’s kiss?
Measure for measure I do not deserve the sting of this pleasure
Oh River God can I hide behind the veils of my fate?
My pound of flesh is no reward for my deceitful treasure

Her whirlwind words, ride on crescent waves
Her lips of ice, shine like silver pale gold
Beyond my reach, she slips like a salmon’s leap
She rhymes in lies, I have dealt my dice
chorus 1:
Life is just like a slipstream,
You know just what I mean,
Life is just like a slipstream,
Open your eyes far beyond your dreams

The stone cold face fades like molten wax
A new born light speaks the heat of delight
This is my gift, a worthy prize
I have hunted the horned hunter’s disguise.

chorus 2:
Life is just like a slipstream,
With stories that gleam,
You all know their dark secrets,
Just reach and they can be seen.