Anima Mundi Lyrics

Kindred Veil


From the pristine emerald seas of autumn sorrows
The giver of life weaves desolate tomorrows
We revere a kindred bond still bleeding
The histories of the hopeful
The ever-last, yet distant paths toward rapture,
A refuge from the baleful

Sons of Charon – Thou art my kindred veil
Sons of Charon – Journeying beyond the rivers of death
Sons of Charon – Into the thresholds of the unseen
Sons of Charon – Thou art my kindred veil

Fragile petals, fragmented selves,
Deflowered by the gathering of unlight
A cacophony of wonderous lust meandering
In the blazing fires of darkness

Raven dusk wings cast their shadows
All over the triviality of being
An eventide dissolving the emptiness of a haunting consciousness
The fragrant beauty of the unknown
Still kindles the rancour of our rage
Forever brethren in supplication, thee we shall mourn





These incensed eyes shall tell the eve
Of an unrepenting apocraphy
Parching my thirst in an enchanted wishing well
Veils of an unshed tear dissolved in chronicles of surreality
An insatiable swarm of fears they infinitely foretell

Misery, my lustful concubine
She bleeds with profusion
Embodiment of a fallen deity’s fears
Condemned to spiritual erosion

Runic sands of a soliloquy’s hourglass
Conjure charms of the wise man’s mantra
As I surge through the eyes of nefarious desires
The aegis of mortality melts in the frozen tundra

Misery, my lustful concubine
She bleeds with profusion
Sanctuary for my wounds sublime
Born unto an altered state of ethereal seclusion

This oneness immemorial heals my rupture
In the triad of opposites I meet my sepulchre
Sephiroth, daughter of the vampire sun
I am one with the foregone leviathan
I am forsaken


The Poet’s Nightmare
(Selected extracts from H.P. Lovecraft’s “The Poe-et’s Nightmare” (1916))


When from my fellows to the grove I stray’d,
In solitude and dusk to meditate
On things forbidden, and to pierce the veil
Of seeming good and seeming beauteousness
That covers o’er the tragedy of Truth.

Hither and thither through infinity
Of light and darkness, strangely intermix’d;
Wherein all entity had consciousness,
Without th’ accustom’d outward shape of life.
Of these swift circling currents was my soul,
Free from the flesh, a true constituent part;
Nor felt I less myself, for want of form.
Then clear’d the mist, and o’er a star-strown scene
Divine and measureless, I gaz’d in awe.
Alone in space, I view’d a feeble fleck
Of silvern light, marking the narrow ken
Which mortals call the boundless universe.

Borne on the wings of stark immensity,
A touch of rhythm celestial reach’d my soul;
Thrilling me more with horror than with joy.

Omnia risus et omnia pulvis et omnia nihil.


Whispering Soul


The Old Ones were,
The Old Ones are,
And the Old Ones shall be…..

A temple of shame,
He is caste in the never-ending maze of darkness,,
Waiting for the light’s embrace reaching the path
To the once distant shrine of his atonement
Hope of repention buried under an ocean of forgotten tears,
Consumed with the pain of the innocent’s gaze
The passage of time severing the shackles of his enslavement
An oath of damnation ordained by the mark of Cain
Reaping the winter’s harvests from untold sins
Equinoctial winds rhyming dirges of enchantment

These bloodstained hands – Can they claim redemption?
I can hear his word – Guiding me to the dawn of my descension
Shadows beyond time – Sentinels of yore
Dreams of the vanquished – Lycantropic eyes spin the web of communion

Beyond the blind sterility of a pri-mordial conscience
The burden of sagacity the lost duality of fate
In this silent shelter the angel of light awaits
I am the nuptial gift to a dying surrogate
5. The Eyes of Prometheus 10:53 Hide lyrics
In orphaned seas, where the haunters of the dark
Weep in solitary madness
The poet grieves a dying muse
Flowered in sin, where the smoldering earth bequeaths
The ashes of sleeping pantheons,
She lies so majestic
Her sonorous beauty, inanimate and white
A silent lyre sings homage to the lovelorn neophyte
Mordant sinews breathe and entwine
Vultures feed on the demigod’s shrine
Preying on the innocence of a yesteryear

The eyes of Prometheus
Guardians of the hallow hearth
Keepers of the Naochian spirit
Raise the brimstone acolyte

Raven moon, burning seed of the autumnal fire
The embers still seer in the memories of the martyr’s pyre
Supplicating his mercy, benevolent and benign
Conjure the congregation in the abysmal shrine
Refute the absolute, the shrouding ambivalence
The hopes of the destitute, the mark of the inane reverence
He is the iconoclast of primeval pleasure



Carpe Diem


Where has the fire of hope gone?
Why has the wisdom been forlorn?
Visionaries write their destiny
And ridicule their true belief

Let sacred angels fall again
Swear truce to doctrines that prevail
We hold the sceptre of your doom
On darkened skies crows still reigns

Seize the day … Carpe Diem x4

Deserted wastelands breed damnation’s souls
Awakened from a deep complacent sleep
Eager the reanimate a kindred lost
And from their futile sacrilege
They have been redeemed

Seize the day … Carpe Diem x4

Where has the fire of hope gone?
Why has the wisdom been forlorn?
Seize the day….
Carpe Diem….


All Is Accomplished


A blackened darkness falls into the bliss of our heart
The bells of death shall toll, a caress of dolefulness stills our mind
Endlessly we shed our tears usurping a prophetic fate
With frailty we abscond our fears,
A never healing wound that plagues…plagues
Human existence shall vanish, corpses, the vision to see
The virtues of sanctity will perish, time for judgement day shall be
One fatal sign as the scriptures say
That in every unblemished land
Graveyards shall breed by misfortunes and
The dead shall follow that claim

All is accomplished, everything is gone
When all is accomplished
The seeds of happiness are lost
Redeemed into madness, must innocence be guilty too?
A shroud stained with evil, woven by the hand of doom

Their souls plead for sanctuary, closed for years in this mortuary
Their cry turns to damnation, relentless is their frustration
Exiled from the final seal, in glory where the saved heal
In pandemonium the evil shall grieve, the torture will never cease
Think of the ones who have lost their sould, no testimony
Have no pity for my sinful woe, for I’m the one to be
Exempted from eternal life, forged in heresy
The depths of distress are shackled by the throes of misery

This is the end…