After the Fall Lyrics

Tenebrarum (Intro)


“The infernal serpent; he it was, whose guile,
Stirred up with envy and revenge, deceived
The mother of mankind”

Milton: Paradise Lost (Book I 22-26).


Aidenn Falls


Aidenn falls, chaos’ son rises through the gate of eternal fire
He satiates our lust and nurtures our primeval desires
Inscribing our finality through spiritual cataclysm
Consecrating our vanity; binding us to gods of materialism

We spiral through the labyrinthine madness
Truth subsides in the nepenthe of false shamans

Anaesthetized and subdued
Destined to an opaque reality
The righteous path obscured
We wage our atonement for a beguiling divinity

We spiral through the labyrinthine madness
Truth subsides in the nepenthe of false shamans
He rests on the ashes of a dying world
Azrael shadows the gaze of the fading sun


Sins of the Tempter


Screams of oblivion shadow the sun
The breed of Tartarus
Slayer of Balaam descends

Cast down to the snake wreathed margins of Sheol
Animating in subterfuge
Like the hound that bestrides the Witch of Endor

You roam the bottomless pit of Hades
You exult at the moans of a 1000 whores
Trading their souls for torment and gore

Forsaking virtue for decadence
Their sunken eyes wide with greed
They worship your deceit crawling at your feet

Vengeance is your father
Slander, your bride
We delight at the misfortune of one another
Our sins, your pride

Your hands carved the annihilation of Hiroshima
You danced on the graves of the dead at Srebrenica
Your voice echoed from the blazing guns at Vladivostok
The sheep who cradle final solutions; your flock

For 40 days you mocked the Redeemer
Yet your enthronement shall never be fulfilled
For while we the weak and pitiful succumb and falter
He shall stand forever supreme and tall

Vengeance is your father
Slander, your bride
We delight at the misfortune of each other
Our sins, your pride


The Lord Sayeth


“Surely the day is coming; it will burn like a furnace…But for you who revere my name,
the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its wings. And you will go out and leap
like calves released from the stall. Then you will trample down the wicked; they will be
ashes under the soles of your feet on the day when I do these things”.
Malachi 4:1.


Vanguards of the Void


Soaring from the carrion realm
Sundering the seal of Almadel
Betroth to the antinomy of divine might
Lucifuge Refocale; he who flees from the light

Ars goetia; hierarchy of damnation
Forging evanescent empires through lust
Ascended from the circle of conjuration
Devouring honour; defiling trust

Vanguards of the void; faceless wooden pawns
Saluting the creed of greed; killing the hand that feeds
Worshipping the cult of impulse; slaves to the serpent’s will
Anthropogenesis; novo ordo nihil

Mangled realities spewn from the liar of the daemon whore
The insanity spirals to pristine hyperborean shores
Bleak and forlorn, the dusk moon glow fleetingly shades your woe
Chimeral gargoyles sneer at your failings; you can only reap what you sow

Bound to a cadaverous conscience
Eidolons cast to the otherworld
Chastising the wisdom of the ageless sage
Star fires doused by the mesmerising haze


Armida’s Kiss


Deserted in oceans of absence
Where sirens laud wondrous ephemeral souls
We remain moored at the edge
Of the broken sands of time

Transcending the insidious calm
We steer toward the unwalled kingdom of Damear
As our final hour approaches
The hopelessness still draws ever so near

Enthralled by the haunting sighs of Armida
Star of the crescent sands
Our faith ebbs in the seducing beauty of her impassioned kiss

Frail and bare, our sanity abates
The essence of meaning escapes us
Our dreams sear and die
In the embrace of the hollow sun

Our solicitude prejudiced
Our hunger abounds
The days of pain still linger
The suffering does not subside

Piety and ebullience eclipsed
The bleakness abounds
Dystopia ruptures our hypnotic slumber
Where the doom is our only trusted companion and guide

Enchanted by the charms of the unknowable
We take refuge in the treacherous lure of her lips


The Sage


Unscathed by the scourges of the ages
Scrying through the navel of the earth
Regaling the enlightened by the gift of his aegis
He journeys at will through the parallax between life and death

He beacons the passage to the ivory throne
He is the clavicle to the singular truth etched in stone
He has wept while the destroyer rejoiced at the fall of man at Babylon
But dreams of the triumphant return of God holding the head of Tyrus at Eschaton

He is the sage; discarded and ridiculed by man
His words resound to our inescapable end
We have scorned his warnings and pitied his ways
His revelational sight cannot hinder our perpetual daze

The cleansing of winds of endtime draw ever so closer
The Valley of Megiddo will soon be his abode
The aftermath’s quietude caresses his being
For he knows that the virtuous have been spared from he anguish he forebode


Dies Irae (Day of Wrath)


“He was despised and rejected by men…a man of sorrows”
(Isaiah 58:3)

Demiurge; Demigod of deception
Monarch of the apostate pantheon
Genealogy of betrayal
Procreator of damnation
Guardian of the nefarious legion

Transgressor; usurper
Begetting the seed of Cain
Harvesting the souls of the pure
Consorting and blinding the fallen will
Preying on the frailty of the vain

The misguided worship your sins
Parading idols and embracing dogmas of treason
Yet He has come for His forsaken kin
[Behold] the Rising Phoenix – the man of eternal sorrow

He rises above dying embers of battle ravaged lands
Man reborn from the womb of blood thirsty hands
The sword of justice falls on those who murder, maim and rape
Blood red skies mark the plains where the innocent die without dignity

The misguided worship your sins
Parading idols and embracing dogmas of treason
Yet He has come for His forsaken kin
The suffering servant – He is the forever-changing season


Metatron and the Mibor Mythos


Reborn each dawn
Across the morning river dews
And myriad, ever-spring hues of Mibor
Riding the eye of the storm
The bringer of light (stealing the night)
Adversary to the avenging captor

Armored by the crowning faith
Into the womb of the damned, the iniquitous land
Sworn to shield the blood of the Saviour
A gladius of virtue clasped with pride

Lucifer dethroned, Satan writhes and cries
Ending the scourge of the serpent tempter

Rise Metatron Rise!
Receiver of souls
Your tears weighed by the transgressions of man

Awake blessed angel
Child of the fire mist
Forever in hell the legions of legematon shall burn

Reaching for the Sun
The seasons of renewal set sail
Over impervious, cruel winter seas
Bestowing hope to the sinners’ pleas